Continuum Miami Resort

Continuum is just heaven on earth and it can be found in Miami. The lovely people, gorgeous attractions, and unbelievable luxury is just sensational. You will be in love with the resort when you walk in. Miami itself is just gorgeous, but when you step into this resort, you begin to realize what a magnificent city you are in.

This resort has been purposely built to provide all needs a person could have from a resort. It is spectacular and has been modernized to keep all individuals entering as happy as they need to be. Among the finest resorts, Continuum Miami resort is just at the top of the list.

Great Recreational Options

What can you do when you are spending time enjoying the moment in Miami? Continuum is great because the recreational options are designed for everyone to enjoy. Do you want to go and play a bit of tennis?

Do you want to play basketball on the great courts that have been set up? What about playing squash?

You can do it all or just go and workout in the resort’s gym. These recreational options make you feel as if you are living in paradise. It is exceptional because people love it and they rotate around doing all of the things they love.

Lovely Staff

The staff is what makes ethe experience even better. The location is lovely and when you have staff members who are nice and understand what hospitality should be about, you end up enjoying everything that much more.

Continuum is just one of those places you want to speak with the staff and want them to be there with you every day. They are so kind and generous with how they behave and they also keep an eye to make sure you are happy.

If you are not, they will notice and will make amends if possible for you to get better.

Amazing Food

What can you eat at the resort when you walk in? You will have prepared meals given to you and these meals are not just any average option you would get in Miami. These meals are from all over the world and are just delicious.

You will be licking your fingers when the meal is done because of how good it was. The chef has made sure to give everyone in the resort something to really enjoy. This food is some of the greatest you will get in any resort on the planet.

Continuum Miami resort is one of those resorts that will give you goosebumps and make you want to stay forever. Why not take this package and just enjoy it? The management for this resort has looked at some of the best examples around the world for resorts and made it even better. Some of the finest celebrities also spend their time here because it is that good.

If they can enjoy it and love every moment they spend at the resort, why can’t you while looking for great quality?

Identify Business Opportunities

The health sector is very interesting for the Seo, since professionals are highly trained and most accustomed to the physical business, usually have their private practice, your neighborhood pharmacy (local SEO with first page hq) and sites created for these professionals often be boring, uncompetitive and are not geared to the general public. Know the competition is necessary to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are. A simple way to study is done using the same method used for the analysis of self-mix. That is, if customers look for quality mix, it is worth analyzing the main competitors down to determine what your strengths and weaknesses in the policies of product, price, distribution, promotion and service are.

No matter how small or large your business in the plastic sugery sector, Knowing where and with whom really compete: do not rely on first impressions, it always pays to dig a little to properly identify your most notable competitors and especially to get to know who is doing things right, who does not and what are the trends From the market. Identify business opportunities: it is difficult but perhaps identify a market niche underserved by your competition. Detecting elements that differentiate: if you enter a market where competitors already have to offer something different and innovative to your customers decide to leave you. Foresee the reaction of your competition: the creation of your business can cause a reaction of your competitors, especially if you take away customers, so it is desirable to try to anticipate and predict their reaction.

Visit the websites and social networks from your competitors should proceed as in the previous point if you are thinking of creating an online business, including additional variables such as design, usability, social media followers, Alexa ranking or SEO positioning among others. Social networks can also give interesting information based on customer feedback. Visit the websites of the competitors is equally important for any business offline, since they can provide much useful information and can also help you identify adaptation linked to the online world opportunities: everything is changing with internet. Site plan of competition and range: If you’re opening a local business, lies in a plane of your town or neighborhood to your main competitors and defines its scope both for customers who come to walk and customers flocking drive. In national business also can trace planes with radio zones of influence.

Analyzes the market leaders dedicated an additional depth analysis of the business strategy of the leading companies in the market time: What products do you offer? What are the prices? What advertising do and who excel in their commercial messages? Where its products are sold ?. And above all, who are your customers and how? Requests a report on a eInforma: if your main competitors are companies, you can order a company report that lets you know your sales, its financial structure, who occupy management positions and their possible links with other companies. To get the name of the company may make you eat your competition is missing and request an invoice. You can order your free reports first thanks to our sponsor. Table of strengths and weaknesses: prepared in one or two pages a comparative table where the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor.

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Wake Up Light Advantages

After being presented last month the new model We’ve been testing it to see first hand the benefits it promises, among which is that of waking up each morning with more energy and vitality. For those who do not know it, the Wake-up Light is an alarm clock that, through a gradual increase of light during the half hour before the alarm time, wakes you up in a much more natural than the typical sound alarm, including these outrageous tones coming on mobile.

The first thing you notice right out of the box is its design, nobody would say at first sight that it is an alarm clock, more like a light for the bedside table which is a big advantage to integrate it into our room. On the other hand the design also makes it quite big compared to the rest of alarm. As for its use it has been very successful simplify controls with respect to the previous version leaving in only three wheels, which are in turn buttons, and a lever to activate and deactivate the alarm.

Let’s dissect among its different functions in this Philips Wake-Up Light Review:


As in almost all alarm activate the alarm is a very simple process: just lower the lever, which will start flashing on the display the current time that is set the alarm and the SET wheel can indicate the time accurate and secure it by pressing the wheel. Thus it is already on, but if we want to customize it a bit more we have to choose the sound to accompany the light, so we must enter the setup mode by pressing the SET wheel and choose the sound you like best from among those available .

Philips Wake-Up Light

Bulb included in this clock is quite powerful (300 lux) and closely, especially in the mornings, you can dazzle a bit, so it is advisable not to adjust it to its maximum power and not let the clock close to us when we we go to sleep (Philips recommends forty to fifty centimeters). The power can be regulated, and even shut down by the first of the wheels that control the operation of the clock, the problem we find in this section is that if we regulate the light level to use as lamp we have to remember to re-adjust the level we want to wake up because we can not keep the two separate levels. To turn the light bulb use the alarm clock and we just have to push the wheel that we discussed earlier.


After thirty minutes that will increase the level of light Philips Wake-Up Light begins to play the sound that we have selected to activate the alarm, turning the volume up gradually in the same way that light until we stop the alarm . We can select from several pre-loaded sounds in the Wake-Up Light, from sounds of birds and the sound of the jungle, but we can also choose our favorite radio to wake her. In this case, we take much to miss the opportunity to use our own music in MP3, a feature that Philips should be included in a possible next version.


The screen is one of the elements that, from the point of view of design, most notable for its integration with the alarm clock and get a finish line with the rest, at any time without sacrificing the visibility and simplicity for the user. As far as functionality is very useful to adjust the brightness of the LEDs but we miss to completely turn off the screen and activate only when we are interested.

In short, the Philips Wake-Up Light delivers what it promises: a natural awakening with light. The truth is that after testing can say that awakening is much better to typical and obnoxious cell phone alarm, but remember a detail, if you are someone who needs several alarm clocks blaring to get up maybe this is not your clock ideal, but for the rest it is a very good option to have a relaxed morning. The only obstacle here is the price, 150 euros a bit high for an alarm.

Be healthy without being an athlete with crossfit

Be healthy without being an athlete with crossfitCrossFit is a strength and conditioning program consisting of physical functional movements executed with constant variation and high relative intensity. Combine the exercises from gymnastics, weight lifting Olympic power and style, and monostructural activities such as running or rowing. These disciplines combine to make Workouts of the Day (WOD)

CrossFit is not a specialized training program, but an attempt to optimize physical capabilities of each of the ten domains of fitness most recognized fitness. Which they are cardio / respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.Increased competition in physical tasks; It requires military, police, firefighters and many sports physical prowess staff.

Physical Capabilities: Resistance Cardiovascular (Cardiovascular / respiratory endurance): the ability of body systems to store, process and use oxygen. Muscular -Resistance (Stamina): the ability of body systems to store, process and use energy (energy). Force (Strength): the ability of our body to generate power (force) by the contraction of our muscles, alone or integrated.. Flexibility (Flexibility): the ability to maximize the range of motion in our joints (These four are called functional skills that improve by training). Coordination (Coordination): the ability to combine different motor patterns to get a unique sequence of movement

Accuracy (Accuracy): the ability to control a movement with an intensity and / or certain direction. Agility (Agility): the ability to minimize the time between a motor pattern tranisción and other. Balance (Balance): the ability to place our center of gravity in relation to our base, our support. These four are called neurological skills that improve with practice. Speed ​​(Speed): the ability to minimize repeated cycles of movement. Power (Power): the ability to apply the greatest amount of force in the shortest time of one or more motor units. These last two, improve both training and practice.

So many could wonder Is CrossFit for me? In fact…! The needs of you. And an Olympian differ in degree but not in kind.The ten physical skills are important for a professional athlete as an office worker, housewife or student. For example: the squat are essential for maintaining functional independence. It is a movement generally teaches advanced exercisers, and CrossFit got to teach ordinary people.

Why CrossFit and not a conventional gym?Because unlike conventional gyms, where localized and long aerobic exercises are performed; CrossFit work with compound movements and high intensity cardiovascular sections. For every long distance effort our athletes perform several short-distance efforts. This is because we believe that compound movements and high intensity exercises are most effective.  Can I be healthy without being an athlete? No. I mean, an athlete elderly have better health a young sedentary. The loss of strength sick; the athlete has a higher bone density, lower risk of heart disease, cancer, depression, etc.

With CrossFit Tampa You work the whole body as a whole, using all possibilities of it. This training does not isolate the muscle work as when we exercise our body with conventional machines use gyms. The movements will practice in CrossFit are what you use in your everyday, everyday life, so that their results are so effective.

High intensity during training:

We prepare your body so you can overcome great efforts and notes significant improvements in your physical form from day one. You will feel yourself go increasing this intensity As you become fitter and come to discover and be surprised at how far you can get.

Optimizing a website for Google Penguin

Optimizing a website for Google Penguin

As you all know already, since Google decided to make the last change in their algorithm, all those who called themselves “Technical SEO” that used some dirty tricks to position their websites or their customers are crying under the bed. Why? Because Google has decided that all these tricks are not going to be useful for positioning websites in the top of the search engines and more, not only will serve to position but will penalize sites that use them and go to be considered as SPAM.

Do you want to know what some dirty tricks were those who used these SEOs and since it appeared that Google Penguin are very harmful to the websites? As we move on to enumerate: Buy links: We all believe that it is very difficult for Google finds out if we bought a bond or the owner of the web has made us because he likes our page, but at this point you have to think that “Google is the eye that everything go”. Repeat key words improperly and meaningless: Putting whole paragraphs of the same keyword in the code of the web, for example.

Use keywords in titles and texts to the point that sentences do not make sense. Duplicate the same web content in different domains. Do not useful links for visitors and lead only to an advertising page. Create websites that are just link farms. Redirects useless. Now surely you ask So what should I do to optimize the content of my website and Google Penguin positioned me well? The answer is simpler than it seems: Make a website for people, for your visitors, not for search engine robots. Try to please your readers by providing a well structured, easy to visit, with really neat and interesting content, updated and easy to read website. Take into account your participation in social networks, broadcast content. Forget focus your content and code structure your website for search engines since the new Google Penguin looking and wants the websites are designed to please the user and make the experience of browsing and searching easy and interesting information clarifying all doubts websites that offer the results of Google when doing a search.

If you have a website and users of Google Webmaster Tools, Google webmaster tools, probably will have received in recent weeks a warning message telling Google that your website is unnatural or illegal inbound links. By the way, if you are not users Webmaster Tools account you should open yourselves because it is very useful to control any aspect of your website and like most Google products is free. These emails have caused a stir among webmasters and much concern because no one knew exactly how to get those external links were eliminated so that the web was not penalized by Google. We must remember that external links are pointing to our web site from a stranger to us, ie, we can not remove ourselves these links. In this article we will give you a few tips to investigate what web link to our website and how we can eliminate these harmful links to our web positioning. Find out more articles like this one at

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Six Keys when choosing motorcycle gloves

When you go on a bike, even in summer (mosquitoes, rain, gravel jumping and impacts), hands suffer, with a direct impact on our security. Hence the importance of driving gloves, fundamental. Remember that in the event of an accident, will almost certainly be the first hands to touch the ground. Therefore, we have the six keys to the motorcycle gloves. Gloves can be short or long shank, as winter. If it rains it is preferable to take the cane inside the sleeves of his jacket to prevent water from sliding inside.

Monitors the size, if they have internal seams that could disturb or tighten, because in the latter cases disturb more than protected with the passage of kilometers: should be space between the end of your fingers and the tip of the glove to be create a protective chamber against the cold. If you can not try them, see Knox gloves review to find your size measure the contour of the hand at the knuckles with a tape measure: the hand has to be flat and fingers together, thumb ruling. It measures both hands and see what comes in a standard size table. If in doubt, better larger size: opens and closes the hand to make sure it fit as they should.

Gloves have to offer touch at the controls unimpeded and unrestricted mobility. Therefore they should not be tight or very thick. It’s good that they span the wrist with Velcro or tape loop and be offered a soft touch as possible. Depending on use, to better track long cane because they protect more, reinforced thumb on the hand of gas, anti-slip palm and knuckles protected with rigid or semi-rigid reinforcements titanium or carbon. To city as brown above, use them more comfortable, even at the expense of less protection, which is easily removed and put, short or half-round … To travel, tourism combine characteristics of sport and urban with comfort but with good protection. Finally, specific for motorcycles, light, airy and field adjustable seek them, like Fox in red below, provides minimum protection in palm and knuckles, and short rod, but good attachment to the wrist.

Remember that every season has its glove. For winter they are thick, padded, adjustable long cane well seasoned and technical material for insulating and waterproofing membranes. But they should cherish sweat. The summer are thin, ventilated and short rod, either leather or fabric, provided with basic protections. Eye, its abrasion resistance is lower. As halftime gloves are polyvalent, lighter than thicker winter and the summer. Some are very good synthetic half-round with different protections, even with waterproof membrane.

Finally, and as models and uses, the material can be leather, fur either bovine or kangaroo. It offers the best protection, but its waterproof capacity is limited and slow to dry when wet. Occasionally, it is treated with moisturizer, especially when wet (in which case we should let them dry without more) not to alter its elasticity. Other materials such as gore tex, Hipora or cordura, which offer much versatility as comfort and strength. Those of this type usually have gore tex inner lining and Thinsulate, among others, increasing their ability against the elements.